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Thank you for Your interest in Swan View Healing   If you require an astrology report please  indicate your  contact details , your birth data, which type of report you would like and how you would like it presented: PDF or Hard copy in an email or via the phone.  It is important that the: date and location of your birth are correct and that the time of your birth is to the closest minute.  It is worth doing some research to ensure your birth time is accurate.  Birth time is usually indicated on birth certificates.   If you have a special reason for having an astrological analysis done at this time or if you have an area of special interest please  write a few lines about this in an email so that  I can explore this area of your chart more deeply.  If you are seeking a Tarot reading or Energy Healing, I do not need your mailing address, but I do need an  email address or phone number to arrange a time  with you.  I am happy to do readings and healings at Sanctuary Lakes, Point  Cook, Melbourne.  Weekdays are preferred, between 10am and 5pm .  Or alternatively Sat and Sun afternoons between 2pm and 5pm.    Sat and Sun appointments are $10 extra.                           


Types of Astrological Reports
   Soul Portrait (Birth Char & Analysis) - $260  

Tarot & Astrology -  $160
  (brief astro look at situations of interest as revealed
in the Tarot reading)

Vocation Report - $50     
     Health & Wellbeing Report - $50 
Kindred Spirits Report - $50 
  Synastry Report - $100
  Spiritual Angel Report - $80

Soul Alignment through Angel Astrology, name vibration, numerology and energy healing :
package - $330 
(This package includes 2 energy healings, a name vibration for soul pathway report and a spiritual angel astrology report which depicts how your spirituality is expressed as symbolised by your horoscope.  There is an emphasis upon Neptune and your Angelic guides as indicated by your planetary placements.)

arot Reading  - approx. 45 mins to 1 hr -  $60
Tarot Reading & Astrology - $160
  Intuitive Healing
eliae Intuitive Healing  (Pranic Aura Healing)
- 30 to45 mins - $80  

 Sekhem/Seichim Energy Healing (Reiki like Hands on Channelled Energy Healing)  -  30 to 45 mins - $80  

Mini Energy Healing - 25 mins - $50
(for when you feel in need of a blast of Angelic Energy)

 Crystal Foot Reflexology  -  30 to45 mins $80


Some clients require more than one treatment for a sustained healing.  Others like to treat themselves to a follow up session to enhance their sense of healing, promote continued wellbeing or to reenergise after periods of physical or emotional stress.   Follow up healings are $10 less ($70).   However,  weekend appointments are $10 more.
Foot Reflexology is not an appropriate technique if you have any  nail, skin or fungal infection of the feet, skin wounds, skin cracks or extremely dry skin on the feet or  callous' on the feet.

If you have a virus or bacterial infection you may need attention from you GP before considering an energy healing.  Energy Healing may be used as a follow up treatment after  the infectious stage has passed to promote self healing.






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