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Meliae Intuitive Healing 
(Pranic Style Healing)
(Location, Sanctuary Lakes, Melbourne)  45 mins, - $80
Meliae Intutitive Healing involves working on the body's vibrations, chakras and meridians to remove unwanted blockages, restore balance and the free flowing of energy.  Intuitive healing helps prevent  disease, it can remove disease, promotes self healing, offers the opportunity to release all that no longer honours your life journey and allows for forgiveness and  the regeneration of health and wellbeing.  Psychic intuition, hand work, aura massage, crystals, essential oils, meditation and visualisation are all used along with the facilitation of healing via Spirit.  Migraine,  head ache, muscular pain, nausea, anxiety, depression, obesity, self hate, victim patterning can all be treated via Meliae.  Self love, happiness, relaxation, balance and abundance can all be taught and enhanced via Meliae. 

Sekhem/Seichim Energy Healing & Angelic Seichim  (Reiki style healing)
(Location, Sanctuary Lakes, Melbourne)  45 mins, - $80
Sekhem/Seichim Healing is an Egyptian Hands-On Healing technique, believed to be the parent of all hands-on healing techniques.  Seichim invokes a feminine spirit energy which is channelled through the vibration of the Mother Goddess, known to the Buddhists as Quan Yin and to the Egyptians as Isis and Sekmet.  Angelic Seichim invokes the divine energy of the Archangels.  Seichim  is  believed to be aa higher, more ascended, vibration energy than the  early style pranic healing  and Reiki.  Seichim balances yin-yang, clears and balances the body's: aura, chakras and meridians, increases spiritual awareness, self empowerment and promotes healing on: physical, mental, spiritual and emotional levels.

Crystal Foot Reflexology
(This is a light touch style of Reflexology)
(Location, Sanctuary Lakes, Melbourne)  approx. 45 mins, $80

Tarot Readings 
(Location, Sanctuary Lakes, Melbourne)  45 mins,  -  $60
A Tarot Reading for guidance can be used as a precursor to having an Astrology report done or an  Intuitive Healing.  I choose not to fortune tell but prefer to use the cards as symbols of the guidance, messages and answers that the querant is in need of hearing.  Generally, the querant is guided by their higher self and their angelic guides when pulling the cards which are then read in accordance with the querant's question or to interpret influences currently in their lives and coming into their lives over the next 4 months.

Tarot & Astrology - $160 (astrology my take a week to be written)
For a more futuristic reading a 1mth astrology report covering  planetary transits of significance will be written.   Transits help to gain insight into the current astrological energy patterns impacting you.  Such a report can help you ot be prepared to make the most of both challenging influences and ujp coming opportunities.  Accurate time of birth, date and location is required for astrology.

Appointments can be arranged for Tarot and Energy Healing to be performed for between 10am and 5pm weekdays  between 2 and 5 pm most Sat and Sundays.  However, it is $10 more for weekend appointments.

Astrological Birth Chart & Analysis - $260
Your astrological soul portrait
Understand your soul portrait as indicated by the astrological influences under which you were born, your limitations and your potential, your challenging character traits and your unique talents

Vocation Analysis - $50
A deeper look at the areas of your birth chart which indicate which careers you are most likely to find fulfilling
Health & Wellbeing - $50
A deeper look at the areas of your birth chart which indicate health related strengths and vulnerabilities and tips on maintaining a strong personal wellbeing

Kindred Spirits Analysis - $50
An in depth insight into relationships, how you relate to family, friends, peers and significant adults.  The areas of the chart which indicate your emotional needs in relationship and your communication style will be examined, ideally, to help in self correction of negative behavioural and emotional patterns in relationships and to enhance confidence in self expression of positive behavioural and emotional patterns and intercommunication talents

Angel Astrology for spiritual alignment and Self Actualization - $330
Package includes 1 Tarot reading, 1 Energy Healing, an angel astrology report and a name vibration report.       The name vibration report is written to help you align to your soul pathway.  The Angel astrology report describes your spiritual expression as symbolised by your horoscope.  There is an emphasis upon Neptune and your Angelic Guides as indicated by your planetary placements.                  

Astrology is time based so you will need to provide your date of birth, location and the time of your birth.  It is important that the time of your birth is accurate, ideally to the closest minute, such information is usually provided on your birth certificate if close adults do not have an accurate record of the time of your birth 

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