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            List of Services

Intuitive Energy Healing

Meliae Intuitive Healing (Pranic Aura Healing) -  45 mins - $80
Sekhem/Seichim Energy Healing
 (Post Reiki style Hands on Healing) -  45 mins - $80
Crystal and Angelic Energy Healing - 45 mins - $80
                Crystal Foot Reflexology - 30 to 45 mins - $80
        Mini Energy Healing - 25 mins - $50
(for when you feel in need of a blast of Angelic Energy, best as a follow up after having had a series of healings)

Tarot Reading for guidance:  45 mins to 1 hr - $60        
Tarot Reading & Astrology - $160

Align with your Soul :
through Angel Astrology, Name Vibration Numerology and Energy Healing -  $330

Information on Meditation for stress management, relaxation, self healing, self protection and spiritual connectedness available as per need for healing and tarot clients.

All healings include chakra clearing, balancing and re-energising.

Many clients require more than one treatment for a sustained healing.  Others like to treat themselves to follow up sessions to enhance their sense of being healed, promote continued wellbeing or to reenergise after periods of physical or emotional stress.  Follow up full length energy healing sessions are $10 less. ($70)

Appointments may be arranged for between 9am to 5pm Mon to Fri, or   Sat and Sun afternoons between 2pm and 5 pm.  Evenings, (only done on rare occasions) Sat and Sun appointments are $10 extra.

        My Background
    My academic background is in English Literature, Psychology & Fine Art Painting.  BA SS Eng Lit, Hr Eng Lit, Post Grad Dip. Eng Lit, BA Fine Art.  I am an independent scholar of mythology, nutrition, meditation, essential oils, crystal healing and creative visualisation for healing.  I studied basic astrology with Saun McNamarra.  I have studied Tarot with Marcus Katz of Tarot Professionals and I am a contributor to the text: Tarot Turn: The Ultimate Guide to Reversed Cards.  ed. Marcus Katz.  I studied Intuitive Awareness and Meliae Intuitive Healing with Karina Godwin from the Flying Souls Institute of Healing.  I studied All Love Sekhem/Seichim with Patrick Zeigler, the developer of this healing style, as well as Seichim Healing 1 & 2, Seichim Masters and Angelic Seichim with Suzan Rideout of Wings of Light at Qi.  And, I studied Crystal Body Massage, Crystal Reflexology & Crystal Face Massage, Angelic Energy Healing & Crystal Divination with Andrew Pacholyk of Peacefulmind

    Energy Healing
    Indulge your mind, body and soul


    I am able to offer energy healing inspired by clairsentient  healing hands.  Through a Reflexology session, a Reiki, Meliae Intuitive Energy Healing or a Sekhem/Seichim Energy Healing your inner beauty, wellbeing and self healing potential will be awoken, restored and revitalised.  Energy Healing works on physical, emotional and spiritual levels to promote health, help prevent emotional, physical and energetic imbalances from manifesting as physical diseases, restore harmony where there is disharmony, encourage  self actualisation and smooth your path towards reaching your full potential.  Energy Healing and meditation are excellent for relaxation, stress management and the promotion of creativity. 

    If, however, you feel that you are coming down with a contagious infection it would be more appropriate for you to either wait until the infection has passed before seeking out an energy healing or see a GP. 

    Foot Reflexology is not an appropriate treatment for anyone with eczema, fungal infections or other skin infections on the feet as it may spread the disorder.

    Meliae Intuitive Healing

    It is said that anything can be healed through intuitive energy healing: including our mental state, emotions, physical body, spiritual being, animals, plants, our homes, our weight, addictions, trauma, phobias, negative thoughts and  negative behavioural patterns.  Personal empowerment, inner happiness and a positive outlook can be regained and enhanced, aggressive emotions and behaviours and victim behaviours can be corrected, stress, anxiety, obesity and weight loss can all be healed through Meliae Intuitive Healing.

    Intuitive Healing frees the energy system of blockages, damage or disease to create a free flowing energy pattern, facilitate the restoration of balance and enhance our potential to work within the lessons of our current incarnation.


    When we are faced with trauma, fear or difficult situations we freeze our energy flow, at least momentarily.  This can create a block in the energy pattern.  If left un-dealt with , over time, the block can manifest as physical or psychological illness.

    The Intuitve Healer channels the vibrations of the universe: know as prana, chi or kundalini energy.  This high vibration frequency may alternatively be channelled through angels and archangels, and through them channelled from Source or directly from Source.  The energy of Source is used to activate and synergise the healing process.  The Healer uses a combination of intuitve and psychic skills, hand work, aura massage, psychic surgery, crystals and other tools to locate areas of sensitivity, psychic invasion or energy blockage to facilitate the healing, open and balance the chakras and meridians and to identify with your willingness to transform and release any emotions, beliefs, thought patterns or behaviours which no longer serve or honour your highest good and which may be preventing you from actualizing your full potential.  You may be given positive affirmations, meditation exercises, dietary modification, crystals or referrals to enhance the effectiveness and longevity of your healing.

    Sekhem/Seichim Healing

    Sekhem/Seichim Healing is an Egyptian healing style which uses a high vibration Spirit energy to  work on the body's vibration, aura, chakras and meridians.  Seichim is Egyptian, meaning, Power of Powers, and is an ancient, sacred and the more advanced parent energy of all hands on healing systems.  Sekhem/Seichim works to remove unwanted blockages, restore yin-yang balance and the free flowing of energy, prevent or remove disease, offer the opportunity to release all that no longer honours your life journey and allows for foregiveness and the regeneration of health and wellbeing.  A Sekhem/Seichim Healing is a perfect way to destress and restore a  sense of inner peace, love and harmony.  Psychic intuition, clairvoyance, clairsentience, clairaudience, hand work, crystal energy, essential oils, positive affirmation, creative visualisation and guided meditation may all be used along with the facilitation of healing channeled from Spirit or Source.  Angels and Archangels may be invoked to facilitate the healing.   Sekhem/Seichim Healing can treat wieght issues, female disorders, negative thoughts or behavioural patterns, stress, anxiety, depression, migraine, muscular and joint pain, nausea, self hate and victim patterning

      Self love, happiness, joy, relaxation, emotional and physical balance and the attraction of abundance can all be enhanced through Sekhem/Seichim. 

    Appointment for Meliae or Sekhem/Seichim Healing can be arranged for between 9am to 4pm weekdays and 1pm to 4pm Saturdays and most Sundays.

    Both types of Healing take approx 45mins.


      There appears to be little difference between the energetic vibration frequency of Meliae and Sekhem, however, the technique for invoking this energy and its delivery to the client differs.

         Meliae is a pranic style of healing which uses psychically induced and experientially evoked energy of source and may also use crystals and the invocation of Archangel energy, and through them, the energy of Source and/or Source energy directly, whereas, Sekhem/Seichim invokes Archangels and the Mother Goddess feminine energy specifically, but may also employ the energy of crystals  to channel the energy of Source.   Sekhem/Seichim is a Reiki style of healing which always involves  hands on healing ,whereas, Meliae may or may not as the healing may occur in the auric level and not require direct physical contact.  Both healing techniques may be undertaken whilst the client simultaneously undertakes a guided visualisation meditation,  or not, depending upon the clients needs and preferances.  If you have never had a Healing before and are having trouble choosing which type, you may decide to be guided by the reputation of the Healing style (if you have previously heard of one of them) or choose Sekhem if you are attracted to Ancient Egypt or Atlantean mythology, Angelic Sekhem if you are particularly interested in Angels and/or sense them around you or Meliae if you would like to recieve an Australian born Healing experience.  If you are a smoker or recent ex-smoker, experiencing a chronic physical illness or severe emotional upset you would benefit from a combined healing session of both Reflexology and Meliae Intuitive Healing and will benefit from a follow-up Intuitive Healing session.



    The feet are considered to be extremely energy sensitive, with over 7000 nerve endings in them.  It is understood that the entire body is reflected in the feet.  By stimulating the energy centres in the feet through massage and light touch and placing hot stones or crystals between the toes and the main acupressure points of the body the body can be encouraged to relax and distress. The meridian pathways and chakra points are stimulated by reflexology, energy blocks are removed and energy pathways balanced and harmonised.  Reflexology promotes self healing by stimulating the natural self healing mechanisms of the body such as: the nerve, endocrine and immune systems as well as blood and lymph circulation.  Thus, inflammation is reduced, lymphatic drainage is encouraged, and protection against infection, immune disorders and other forms of disease are promoted.  Reflexology also stimulated the release of endorphins, the body's natural pain relievers, with the effect of assuaging pain perception.  Reflexology thus, increases health and wellbeing in general. 



    Natal Charts and Progressions and Transits

    Natal Astrology and Progressions & Transits Reports require my personalised attention.  Rather than look at each astrological point of interest individually such reports require a consideration of the many contradictions typical of a Natal chart.  In some cases a recognition and explanation of the potential interaction of various aspects and points of interest on the chart may be appropriate, especially where the energies have the potential to work in harmony, or in conflict, or where an aspect may potentially override or subdue another aspect or point on the chart.   In some cases a reconciliation of contradictory points and aspects my also be required.  Therefore, a personalised horoscope report can take several days to write as a computerized programme has not yet been written which can reconcile the complexity of most natal charts.  Hence, these types of reports may take 5 working days to be supplied.  Whereas, a Vocation Report, Health & Wellness Report and Kindred Spirits Report, which each explore specific areas of the chart only, are done via a computerized programme,  do not need personalised attention and can be completed on the day of request.  

    Tarot Readings  

    A Tarot Reading  can be used as a precursor to having an Astrology report done or an  Intuitive Healing.  I choose not to fortune tell but prefer to use the cards and crystals as symbols of the guidance, messages and answers that the querant is in need of hearing   A Tarot Reading is a wonderful way to access the wisdom of your higher consciousness in order to answer your life questions.  During a reading you will have the opportunity to discuss you issues which is often enlightening, cathartic and healing.  During a Tarot Reading it is common to receive channelled guidance from the Angelic Realm and your Spiritual Guides.


                  To discover more about having an Astrology Report written for you, having a Healing or a Tarot reading please click on the second 'Healing, Tarot, Astro' page or fill in the 'Request Form'.  The tabs to these pages are on the top right of the screen.

      To make a general enquiry please email: 

      sandrabeecher@bigpond.com or

      phone: 0409 402030

      Healings and Readings are performed at Sanctuary Lakes, Melbourne












    To make a general enquiry please email: 

    sandrabeecher@bigpond.com or

    phone: 0409 402030

    Healings and Readings are performed at Sanctuary Lakes, Melbourne

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